Kristine Hartmann, Owner/Founder 

Kristine’s passion for travel, tourism, and hospitality, along with providing clients with the best possible service has been the focus throughout all of her career roles. Kristine’s start in hospitality came as a cocktail server at a local hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Relying on tips as income put into motion the imperative customer service and sales skills that were beneficial throughout her career path. She did leave hospitality and pursued careers in banking and real estate, however, throughout that time, travel and tourism still remained an interest.

Kristine chose to revisit hospitality and enrolled at Milwaukee Area Technical College where she graduated with Associates Degrees in Event Planning & Management and Hospitality Management. Kristine has worked for several Milwaukee Area hotels and venues as an Event Manager and a Sales and Catering Manager.

While planning her dream trip to The South Pacific and Australia, Kristine quickly discovered that the Islands, along with the Australian Territories have a variety of travel requirements

She saw how confusing this could be for someone simply planning a trip and she feels that the client should focus on the “fun part” of travel planning. Kristine will provide personalized service and attention to your trip. She will make sure you have all the detailed information you will need including entry and exit document details, declarations, passport and visa requirements, hotel, transportation, and tour bookings, packing lists, customized itineraries, and much more.

Kristine feels that with her attention to detail, organizational skills, upbeat personality, enthusiasm for travel, willingness to research and learn, and her expert client services skills, she is an asset to any travel client.